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Personality/Cognitive Diagnostic Assessments

Personality and Cognitive Assessments help to evaluate what might be causing problematic symptoms.  The results can help inform the practitioner and individual as to the best treatment plan to address the deficits.  With this aim, the use of test and other assessment tools are used to measure and observe behavior to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment.

Assessments can be conducted for a host of reasons.  Aptitude testing for learning disabilities, individuals having problems in the work environment, or problematic interpersonal relationships, tests can help understand the issues at play.  The assessments can reveal what personality traits maybe contributing to the difficulty or whether anger management or cognitive difficulties are a factor.  Other tests can isolate whether underlying the problem is due to an emotional disorder such as anxiety or depression.  Psychological assessments can be used to determine whether a learning disorder exist, an individual is competent to stand trial or an organic brain injury exist. By the end of the assessment, after the scoring and analysis and written report is completed, there is enough information to comment on  your strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement, sentencing and/or possible treatment (i.e., medication, rehabilitation or therapy).