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Welcome to Patterns,
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It can assist in identifying, creating, and understanding ourselves.  Psychotherapy, or talk therapy is a place to share your darkest thoughts, be heard and listened to without criticism or judgement.  Life stressors can immobilize us, leave us to feel stuck and may interfere with work and our relationships.  If you are feeling lost, trapped, or alone its’ time to find a sense of relief.  Talk therapy can help with that journey.  Some people seek medication management from physicians.  Research indicates that medication in combination with psychotherapy work well together to address severe mental illness and cope with daily life struggles.

Adult Population

Starting from toddler days throughout adolescence into adulthood we establish patterns of being.  These patterns can be highly adaptive coping styles or maladaptive modes of action.  Psychotherapy can aide in understanding these patterns.  Some treatments will review the childhood experiences that may have influenced a vulnerability toward difficulties coping with adult losses, illness, anxiety and depression.

Diagnostic Assessments

Involve a variety of standardized tests that can examine thinking skills, language, attention, learning ability, memory and executive functioning.  Questionnaires and rating scales can evaluate mood, behavior, social functioning and personality. Diagnostic assessments can assist with assessing strengths and weaknesses, the ability to stand trial, risk of violence and personality traits.

Registered Psychologist

I’m situated in the heart of Hamilton, easily accessible by public transportation.  I provide psychological treatment to an adult population (ages 18 to 65+)

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